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Listen to my solo acoustic guitar album - Subtraction - on Spotify. Available for download or purchase on CDBaby, Amazon UK and Amazon US.

“Delicate guitarwork with a hint of Pierre Bensusan, Sanj provides a superior six-string experience” - Pete Langman, Guitar Magazine

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A Day in the Woods
The first section of to this was the first tune I wrote that has stuck with me - it was the summer of 1993 after I'd finished school. I was sat on my bed and was just going to meet a friend for a walk in the woods. Album: Subtraction
Drop D at the Campfire
The intro to this was hanging around for many years. It took me a while to decide I really liked it and eventually it became this tune which I really love the dynamics that build to the 'rock out on acoustic guitar' section. Album: Subtraction
After watching some Tommy Emmanuel, I was practicing with natural harmonics. This tune came together shortly after my wedding when I was reflecting on how people will die and not be around forever. Album: Subtraction
This tune was writen on the afternoon I returned from a holiday on the island of Gozo. I was inspired after a whole week away from the guitar! Album: Subtraction
Written for my wife on the morning I was to pick her up from the airport when she returned from a trip to India. Album: Subtraction